Cash exchange rates

  Buy Sell
USD 68.80 69.30
EUR 76.23 78.66
RUB 1.024 1.071
KZT 0.2394 0.2627

Rates established in Bishkek

Rates are valid for amount up to $1000 (or equivalent of this amount in other currencies), rates for above amount are negotiable

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Demir Kyrgyz International Bank
Onetime SMS-passwords PDF Print E-mail



Starting from October 1, 2015 function on usage of SMS-one time passwords while Internet-Banking login will be linked to all retail users of «Internet-Banking» system for additional security purposes.


Free SMS-one time passwords will be sent via SMS to Internet-Banking user’s mobile phone, number of whom should be registered in the Bank (registration of up to 2 mobile numbers and possibility to choose 1 of them while Internet-Banking login; numbers of such mobile GSM operators as Megacom, Beeline, О! in Kyrgyzstan and in roaming, and also for the foreign GSM operators of Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, China, Lebanon, Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, USA).

Thus kindly ask Internet-Banking users to register/update mobile numbers by written application in any Bank’s branch/outlet. Instead of usage of SMS-one time passwords it is possible to buy E-token in the Bank, which also will generate one-time passwords for «Internet-Banking» login.

Starting from October 1, 2015 access to Internet-Banking system will be impossible without usage of SMS-one time passwords or E-token passwords.

Your money is in trusted hands!