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Demir Kyrgyz International Bank CJSC (DKIB) is the first international commercial bank in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Demir Kyrgyz International Bank was established in Bishkek under the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic with paid-in capital of USD 3,000,000 (about 54 million Kyrgyz soms) and received all necessary banking licenses on May 02, 1997. The official opening ceremony of the bank was held on May 28, 1997 with participation of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and representatives of shareholders.

Fifteen years ago when Kyrgyzstan was undertaking measures for developing a favorable environment for attraction of foreign investments, foundation of DKIB became a significant event, as it was the first bank with capital consisted of 100% foreign investments.

The Bank had different, good and hard days in its history, faced many challenges, and went through the Russian crisis of 1998 and the Turkish crisis of 2000. However, Bank has never stopped its development and growth, and not only saved its position in the banking market of the Kyrgyz Republic, but strengthened it.

Today, Demir Kyrgyz International Bank is a modern financial institution, which has achieved significant results in banking activity. At present time, the Bank is among the top five commercial banks in the Kyrgyz banking sector in terms of assets size, capital and profit. The Bank contributes noteworthy to the development of the economy and the banking sector of the Kyrgyz Republic and has big impact on improvement of the local banking system.

In addition, the Bank pays special attention to an active participation in the social life of the country. DKIB joins different organizations, associations and payment systems, such as International Business Council in Kyrgyzstan, Banks' Association of Kyrgyzstan, Rotary Club and KITIAD (Kyrgyz-Turkish Business Society).