Internet Acquiring (E-Commerce) - is the sale and purchase of goods and services via Internet by using bank payment cards.

E-Commerce allows you to

  • Receive payment for goods / services through the Internet through cards issued by Visa and MasterCard international payment systems;
  • Increase your sales channels;
  • Increase the number of your customers and sales;

  • Implement a comfortable and modern way to pay for your customers;
  • To see the result of payment in real-time and statistics of payments during the period;
  • Reduce the costs of maintaining network of shops, Internet significantly expands the geography of store representation and access of buyers to it.

Internet-acquiring from DemirBank supports 3D Secure technology, which lowers the risk of fraudulent transactions. This technology ensures the implementation of secure payments, paid by Visa and MasterCard payment systems.

  1. Submit your application
  2. Provide the necessary documents
  3. To sign an agreement
  4. To set up website
  • Application
  • Package of documents for account opening (if account is not open)
  • Updated package of constituent documents (if account is opened)
  • Documents confirming the right to conduct commercial activities via Internet (if any)
  • Copies of partnership agreements (if any of business - partners)
  • Copies of contracts with customers / suppliers (if any)
  • Description of business process
  • Financial statements for the last year
  • Other documents requested by the Bank