Internet-banking safe usage rules:

  1. Do not disclose your user name, password or pin-code
  2. Do not leave records of your personal data to log in to Internet Banking available to other persons. Recomended not to write but memorize it. All carriers of that information is recommended to delete
  3. Do not use your personal Internet Banking page in doubtful places (for example in Internet cafe) to prevent leakage of your data
  4. Periodically change your password (not less than 1 time per 3 months)
  5. Immediately inform the bank if you suspect that someone has learned your identification data to log in to Internet Banking
  6. Immediately inform DemirBank if you detect suspicious transactions
  7. Purchase E-token to ensure additional security. Agreement with the bank stipulates obligatory purchase of E-token when setting limits exceed standard ones.

Please, note, that system allows 3 attempts of password entering. In case of the 4 attempt of wrong pin-code/password/ E-token password (in case of E-token usage) entering, identification internet number is blocked automatically..