Demir Bank in cooperation with Borusan Makina Kyrgyzstan opens new possibilities of special machinery and equipment purchasing from world leading manufacturers - CATerpillar и SEM machinery.

Tipper tracks

Road machinery



Road rollers



Loan purpose Purchase of specialized vehiclesу from company “Borusan Makina Kyrgyzstan”
Loan currency KGS
Amount of financing 2 100 000 – 41 000 000 KGS*
25 000 – 500 000 USD*
Loan term Up to 36 months
Interest rate 17% p.a. in KGS*
9% p.a. in KGS*
*effective interest rate from 19,1% in KGS*
*effective interest rate from 9,7% in USD*
From of loan repayment monthly payment (annuity) according to schedule
Initial payment not less than 40% of the cost of purchase
Not requied - with a pledge of purchased equipment and an additional pledge of movable / immovable property
  • Chose equipment in company Borusan Makina Kyrgyzstan
  • Get cost calculation of purchasing equipment from Borusan Makina Kyrgyzstan
  • Apply Demir Bank for loan, provide cost calculation of purchasing equipment with all necessary documents for loan application review
  • In case of positive decision on loan providing to deposit amount of initial payment to current account held with Demir Bank
  • Conclude purchase an agreement with Borusan Makina Kyrgyzstan
  • Conclude loan an agreement with Demir Bank