Corporate Card "Visa Business" - is a credit card, which is specially issued for the company for further effective method of cost management.

"Visa Business" Corporate card will make for our customers the processes payment for business trips, representative and business expenses very fast, safe and profitable.

Also, one of the weighty advantages of "Visa Business" card usage is 0% within 35 days for using credit limit during the grace period.

General terms
Card account currency KGS
Card validity period 3 years
Card issuance fee 500 KGS
Cost of maintenance 1 500 KGS per year
Minimum card limit from 5 000 KGS
Money ensuring Credit card limit + 10%
Interest rate 30% per year
Grace period Up to 35 days
Protection by electronic chip yes
Installation of overdraft limit yes
Issuance of additional card yes
  • Global Customer Support Services VISA 24/7 (emergency cash withdrawal)
  • Global Customer Support Services VISA 24/7 (emergency card release)
  • Medical and legal help service
  • SMS-notifications / notices by e-mail
  • The project "Visa Money Fund"
  • Emergency services if losing / stealing the card