Many of car owners often wonder how to pay the traffic penalties, spending a minimum time.

Today, due to the availability of traffic penalties payment via payment POS-terminals of DemirBank, every car owner who values his/her time can pay traffic penalties, quickly and easily.

  • Easy - you can pay the traffic penalties, if your payment card is Visa/MasterCard/Elcard is issued by any Bank.
  • Convenient - after paying the penalty, you get a check of payment with the number of protocol, article of violations and the amount of penalty
  • Fast - each inspector of Traffic police has his own DemirBank POS-terminal. You can pay the penalty at the place of detention.

  1. Take the protocol from an inspector of Traffic Police
  2. In the menu of the nearest payment terminal of DemirBank select “Payment of traffic penalties"
  3. Enter all the required details
  4. Pay the penalty 
  5. Get a receipt

Attention! In the terminal, it is necessary to contribute an additional KGS 20 as commission to a specified amount of penalty.

  1. Swipe or insert the card
  2. In the appeared menu select the first item “Penalty payment”. Press the green button “OK”
  3. Next select “Protocol series”. Press the green button “OK”
  4. Enter “Protocol number”. Press the green button "OK"/
  5. Enter “Article number”. Press the green button "OK"
  6. Enter “Part of article”. Press the green button "OK"
  7. Enter “Penalty amount” (without commissions). Press the green button “OK”.
  8. To confirm the correctness of the typed amount by pressing green button "OK"
  9. Enter the PIN-code of the card. Press the green button "OK"
  10. Next print checks . After printing the first check click “OK”.
    - first check with a field for the cardholder signature (signature is obligatory and this check given to the Traffic police officer)
    -The second check remains with cardholder
  11. Transaction is completed.