For the convenience of customers, DemirBank offers credit cards allowing cardholders to purchase goods and services at the expense of the credit limit provided by the bank.

In this case, there is no need for the customer to apply to the bank for a loan and confirm the lending purpose, the presence of a credit card already allows to use funds for necessary needs.

  • 0%up to 35 days, when using the credit limit during  grace period provided
  • Get significant DISCOUNTS when purchasing goods and services  Full list of POS-terminals
  •  OPPORTUNITY to make an online purchase. Safe use of payment cards
  • Broad ATM network  List of ATMs
  • Participate in the CashBack loyalty program, which allows you to receive an additional BONUS for each purchase. From August 15, 2016, DemirBank launched the CashBack bonus program, which allows customers to return 0.1% of the value of each purchase made as bonuses to the card. Cashback bonus program

The bonus program applies to all Mastercard credit card holders of Demir Bank and is available in a wide network of the bank POS-terminals. 


Mastercard Standard

From daily shopping to your dream trip, Mastercard Standard is a convenient and secure tool that helps you control your expenses

Mastercard Gold

Priority service, discounts and special offers worldwide.

The plastic card of the Gold category is financial freedom anywhere in the world. 

Mastercard Platinum

International network, security and convenient payments. With the Platinum plastic card, you can always count on excellent service and unique benefits.

As a Platinum card cardholder, you place special demands on the quality of recreation and travel. 

  • Emergency services: blocking a lost / stolen card, emergency card replacement, emergency cash withdrawals; 
  • Bonus Offer Program 
  • SMS / e-mail notifications 
Mastercard Classic Mastercard Gold Mastercard Platinum

Card’s account currency


Card expiration date

5 years

Cost of service

800 KGS 1 500 KGS 6 000 KGS

Cost of service within the framework of the salary project for the first year* 


Cost of service within the framework of the salary project in the following years 

800 KGS 1 500 KGS -

Card minimal limit

5 000 KGS 60 000 KGS 500 000 KGS

Limit for salary project employees

Up to 70% of the salary -

Cash security 

(not required for employees of salary projects) 

Credit card limit + 10%

Yearly interest rates for the use of credit limit at cash via ATM


Monthly interest rate for non-cash payments via POS-terminals and the Internet 


Grace period 

Up to 35 years

Possibility to issue additional credit cards

* free for the first and second years for employees of state agencies within the framework of the salary project of DKIB CJSC