Don't have your card with you?

Make QR transactions without holding a card
through DemirBank mobile application:

Withdraw money and deposit your accounts at the Bank ATMs;
Transfer money to other accounts within the Bank;
Pay for purchases directly from your phone with QR Pay.

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The encoded information does not contain human-readable characters, which means that it cannot be faked and falsified.


The new method allows you quickly and at any time to carry out operations you need, even if there is no card at hand.


QR technology is gaining more turns in Kyrgyzstan banking industry.

QR transactions for different purposes

Money withdrawal and deposit to
your bank account

You can withdraw and deposit money at any DemirBank ATMs
without holding a card by scanning QR code on ATM display with
DemirBank mobile application

Money transfer to another account

You can transfer money using a QR code in the DemirBank mobile
application by scanning the recipient's QR code or selecting it from
your gallery

Make purchases with

QR Pay

With QR Pay you can easily pay for your purchase using the seller's QR code by scanning it on the Welcome page of mobile app

How to start using?

Register online in Internet/Mobile-Banking.

Don't you have a payment card? Apply at any nearest DemirBank branch.

Enjoy your QR transactions.

Great solution for your business

Ideal for small individual entrepreneurs.

How to connect a payment via QR Pay?

Download DemirBank mobile application

on any device by scanning QR code