Opening Bank accounts to individuals in Kyrgyz soms and foreign currencies are performed by DemirBank with the availability of identification documents.*

Opening Bank account and card issuance will be carried out within 1 business days. To obtain your card you should apply with an identity document.

Customers are given the opportunity to make transactions on the account in any branch of DemirBank regardless of the branch where account was opened.

The necessary consulting service can be obtained in one of  the branches/outlets of DemirBank or call to 24/7 Customer Care Service by the following numbers: +996 312 610 610, 610 613, 2222

  • Identity document:
  • - For the Kyrgyz Republic citizens – an internal passport or the passport of the 1994 sample (with a mark about prolongation if necessary)
  • - for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship –passport of foreigner, residence permit, temporary residence permit, refugee certificate, identity card of an officer, warrant officer or military card of serviceman.
  • - in case of opening account by attorney in favor of the Customer, additionally shall be provided a notarized attorney and identification documents of the authorized person.

In case of opening account by attorney in favor of the Customer, additionally shall be provided:

  • The identification document of account holder
  • or
  • The identity document of authorized person to dispose the account (specified in a notarized attorney or in the signature card*).
  • (*) DemirBank can legalize attorney to a third party, authorized to dispose the account on behalf of the account holder, or you can bring a notarized attorney.

If the client in whose favor the account is opened by parents, and in other legal representatives is a person under fourteen years old, following documents should be submitted to open an account:

  • one of the parents’ passport, other legitimate representatives authorized to manage the account
  • birth certificate of a customer under 14 years old

Children from 14 years old up to 16 years old have a right to open an account in Bank and dispose it themselves without parents’, adopters’ and trustees’ consents. In this case, in order to open an account to a customer ( from 14 years old up to 16 years ) the following documents should be provided to the Bank:

  • birth certificate
  • current course enrollment (school/college) or local municipal statement of residence with a picture of a customer from 14 years old up to 16 years old
  • All documents(2008)
  • All documents(2009)
  • All documents(2010)
  • All documents(2011)
  • All documents(2012)
  • All documents(2013)
  • All documents(2014)
  • All documents(2015)
  • All documents(2016)
  • All documents(2017)
  • All documents(2018)
  • All documents(2019)